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Re: description writing guide

Steve Greenland wrote:
> While technically valid, I don't like his much, for a couple of
> reasons:
> 1. I suspect it will be very hard to get this consistently used
> in Debian descriptions, as there are a lot of people who do not
> naturally use the 'period-two-spaces' convention. (I suspect it is
> entirely determined by how much typing one did on real typewriters,
> pre-wordprocessor.)
> 2. IMO, the naive rendering of ".<sp><sp>" looks fairly dreadful in
> variable-width fonts -- they'd need to strip out the extra space and do
> it correctly. (Actually, IMO, it looks fairly dreadful in fixed width
> fonts, too).

Don't forget:

3. It can easily fails if a sentence happens to end at the end of a line.
   Like the previous sentence, which only a computer programmer would
   think to add two spaces at the end of. :-)

see shy jo

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