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Re: description writing guide


> http://people.debian.org/~walters/descriptions.html

Well, I'm not sure there should be a template -- people will use it (and
thus try to squeeze information into it). I usually tell my sponsees
that a description should answer the following questions, roughly in
that order:

 - What does it do (in nontechnical terms)?
 - Do I need it? (look at the last sentence in the Linux Configure.help
   descriptions -- they're really helpful if you don't want to
   understand stuff because you don't need it but need to pick a choice
 - What are outstanding features and deficiencies compared to other
   packages (if you need X, use Y instead)?
 - Is this package related to other packages in some way that is not
   handled by the package manager (this is the client to the foo

I try to keep all descriptions novice friendly -- after all, it allows
them to learn stuff by installing and trying out.


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