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Re: description writing guide

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 18:55, Daniel Burrows wrote:

>   That might be true, but I would like to see language such as "best
> package for foo" explicitly deprecated in the guide.  I've even written
> such stuff myself, back before I realized what the problems were.
> (hopefully there isn't anything like that left in my packages :) )

Ok, done.

>   On an unrelated topic, it would be nice if the description format
> allowed whitespace to be collapsed/expanded on wordwrapped lines.  The last
> time I checked, it seemed to at least imply that whitespace was sancrosact,
> and I found several packages that relied on this in their description.
> (sorry, I don't remember which)

I think this is hard to without switching to a format which allows us to
include more metadata (like XML).  So we can explicitly use stuff like
<ul> and <li> for lists, instead of relying on ASCII renderings.  That
way we can safely word-wrap the description, instead of just treating it
as the equivalent of <pre>.

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