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Re: New maintainer behaviour with NMU and LogJam's hijacking

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 11:14:14PM -0500, Ari Pollak wrote:
> Firstly, I don't think this is a matter for debian-devel as it doesn't 
> involve the project as a whole and would best be dealt with privately. 

I've already written to you. I wanted to share my ideas because I don't
like this situation and I don't care the technical question... I don't
consider Debian only from a technical point of view and I didn't see any
collaborative step towards me. I'm sure you are a better maintainer for
logjam and I'm happy fro upstream development too.

> Secondly, I'd like to apologize to Christian and the Debian project for 
> not following exact policy. However, in my defense, I did contact 
> Christian several times before making the NMU, 

I listed all your contacts... I could be happy if you ask me to work on
logjam. You asked only for new packages. I passed it to you if you
offered help. You sent only a wishlist bug the day 4.0.0 was released
and a mail with a one line question. :)

> and did explain to him 
> numerous times privately after the NMU why I did certain things (such as 
> using bug fixes from CVS, since certain things in the actual release 
> needed to be corrected). 

No information to me about your intention.

> Also, the actual logjam package had not 
> received any attention since May even though a new 3.0.x release had 
> been out, so having not received any response from any of my e-mails to 
> Christian before the NMU, I felt things were going unnoticed. Also in my 
> defense, the new 4.x version did fix a serious-level bug filed against 
> the package, and the 3.x series of logjam was basically very unstable as a 
> whole. I have also been in close contact with the upstream author of 
> logjam, and maintain one of his other software packages, gtkspell, for
> Debian.

Good. As I've said I didn't like your way to act and I don't think it's
good for Project.

> In any case, if you have any further discussions about this, 
> please contact Christian and me privately, unless this is appropriate 
> to post in debian-devel for some reason.

I explained my reasons.

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