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Re: Pick a name, any name...

Ben Armstrong (2002-11-28 11:37:44 -0400) :

> On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 04:34:45PM +0100, Roland Mas wrote:
>> Ben Armstrong (2002-11-28 11:14:50 -0400) :
>> > Oh, I retract my objection then.  If the machine has a name already,
>> > why bother naming the service something obscure? Service names
>> > should be easy to remember.
>>   Think "non-us" or "security" vs. "satie", "people" vs. "gluck", etc.
> "non-us", "security" and "people" are obscure? :)

No.  But they document a function rather than a box.

  Oh, and by the way, it can't be quantz, since it won't have the same
IP address.  Unless someone comes up with a patch to make the
sourceforge-web-apache package work with apache2 in the next three
hours, of course :-)

Roland Mas

Bee There Orr Bee A Rectangular Thyng!
  -- in Soul Music (Terry Pratchett)

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