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Re: gpg-agent?

On 2002-11-27, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
> That would still let root replace /usr/bin/gpg with such a program
> though. So something like this is of some value, but only manages to
> narrow the window that lets someone who has temporary access to, say,
> a laptop with an agent running and a passphrase entered, to such a
> laptop on which you have used sudo in the last 15 minutes. Correct me
> if I'm wrong.

I find it interesting that you point this out, because I was just
wondering wether it would be possible to just open(2) the file
/usr/bin/gpg and exec(2) this file via the file descriptor from this
open(2) calland not the path name.

Root, of course, could still replace the /usr/bin/gpg program and get
away with it, but this seems to me to guarantee that the binary can not
be stolen away under the unsuspecting user's noses.

Have fun,
Andreas Fuchs, <asf@acm.org>, asf@jabber.at, antifuchs
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