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Re: How to programm a Windowmanager ?

Hallo Andreas, 

Am 16:34 20/11/02 +0100 hat Andreas Rottmann geschrieben:
>Michelle Konzack <linux.mailinglists@freenet.de> writes:

>First of all, this is not the right list for this
>question. debian-devel is about the development of the Debian

Sugestion ?
I am on djgpp (dos32) but I need a Linux-related one... 

>It would make sense to say what TD-Desk is...

'TD' is only my birthname and 'Desk' mean a Windowmanage WITH 
Desktop-Enhancement. It is like seal und dos... 

>You can take a look at the many existing window managers and desktop
>environments. aewm++ and xfce would be probably be worth a look.

OK, I try it out... 

>There is "GTK+/Gnome Application development" - even available as a
>debian package. You can just use GTK+, if you think GNOME is too

I will look for the deb

>Regards, Andy

Schoene gruesse 

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