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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

--- Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo@debian.org> wrote:

> > > Releases tend to be out of date.  But that's a
> > > feature: releases need to be composed of well
> tested
> > stable packages. 
> > > testing and unstable
> > > have pretty up to date packages.

This is true, but is not considered stable, hence the
need to roll testing into stable at least one a year
pref more.  I would never use a non-stable (read
production release) package on my servers.

>   Could you run X 4.2 in, say, s390 that date? FYI,
> X is supported in 11
>   archs in Debian, a lot more than upstream
> supports.

Ah, now this is an interesting point.  I understand
that X4.2 got delayed as it was not ready across all
platforms.  However i386 was ready but not relased
until a far later date.  I sorta understand this, but
i386 is by far the most used Linux platform, so
delaying it 'cos is not running under PPC seems a bit
mad to me IMHO.

>   And I want to make one question: where is the
> improvement in
>   performance when I need two or three days to
> install a thing like
>   GNOME or KDE? You'll need to use it some eons to
> get some earn with
>   that.
>   If you want to compile things because that makes
> fun to you, you can do.

Like I said b4 (pls read the previous email) I don't
believe there is much of an improvement, its the fact
that I have more control that appeals.

> /me, tired of Gentooers

I tempted to be rude back, but I won't.  Needless to
say if you read the previous emails you'd see that I
run Debian on server and have used it for years.

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