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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

On Nov/20, Andrew Lau wrote:

> Gentoo?" I hate to sound like a marketing departmen drone, but I'm
> becoming more and more disturbed since I'm noticing more and more
> 'random' outbursts on message boards about how 'cool' Gentoo
> is. Whatever happened to all the Debian evangelists?

	The "Debian evangelists" that are now "Gentoo Evangelists" are just
the people that installed Debian because it was "cool", without knowing
really what it is. So, the people that we're "losing" to Gentoo wouldn't have
been for long with us. They would have switched to some of the BSDs, Mac OSX
or whatever looked "cooler" in a month.

	All of this IMHO, of course :-) I really can't understand what good it
is to compile all your system. I suppose there are a lot of people with a lot
of time on the world :-m ;-)

> 	Yes, it's a waste of time more often than not supporting your
> favourite distribution in web forums, but shouldn't Debian just be
> good enough on its own that it speaks for itself? Perhaps this is what

	It *is* good enough. Gentoo surely is a good distro, but I believe
that 50% of their users are in only for the hype. It's a fashion, and Debian
isn't about fashions.

	(IMHO again :-))

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