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Re: [Re: Second Bug Squashing Party] - PostgreSQL

* Oliver Elphick 

| On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 02:27, Oliver Elphick wrote:
| > I would like to ask people for help with the rather long list of
| > postgresql bugs, though I don't know if this bsp is the right way to
| > handle it.
| There is somewhere a Debian PostgreSQL mailing list; but it's not in the
| official lists, I can't find any reference in a web search , and I lost
| the hard disk with my back mail on it.  And there hasn't been a message
| on it in months.

debian-postgresql@atnet.at is the list.

| So if there is anyone still subscribed to that list, please copy the
| last message to it.  Thanks.


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