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Re: suggestion: DFDG - Debian Free Documentation Guidelines

Alan Shutko <ats@acm.org> writes:

> You should.  But that criterion doesn't cover all cases that people
> are concerned about.  For instance, no matter how much you modify a
> piece of software, why do you need to modify the RFCs?  Or, consider
> GFDL invariant sections.

Suppose I create a *new* network for my organization, and we use a
*variant* of TCP/IP.  So I modify my kernel, and I want to publish
specs of the protocols we use.

So what I want is to take the text of the RFCs, modify them, and then
publish that as the standards in use on my network.  Of course, I'd
change the titles and make it clear that these are not the Internet's

But I'm not allowed to do that, because the RFCs aren't free.

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