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Re: Discussion - non-free software removal

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 03:45:03PM -0500, Jim Penny wrote:
> > A quick check of the Debian Project History at
> > http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/project-history/ shows how much has
> > changed since the Social Contract was release in 1997.  Then, our current
> > release was 1.3, which had 974 packages (up from 474 in 1.1).  Now, Debian
> > 3.0 contains over 9000 packages -- ten times more.  The body of available
> > Free Software in Debian has expanded dramatically, and the real need for
> > non-free is not as strong as it once was.  Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped
> > non-free from gaining support and packages.
> Wow, an actual testable hypothesis.  Is non-free growing relative to
> main?  Is it growing absolutely?  Could we have some numbers on how non-free 
> has changed across the years?  

Using grep-available on unstable, I found 
  314 non-free packages 
11331 Packages total
The above includes non-US.

So, about 2.5% of all the packages in the unstable section of the 
archive are non-free.

The list of non-free packages is shown below, sorted by section.


admin: bass
admin: chntpw
admin: dqs
admin: eemu-client
admin: eemu-server
admin: lmbench
admin: lmbench-doc
admin: pine-tracker
admin: satan
admin: webmin-telnet
comm: ckermit
comm: conserver-client
comm: conserver-server
comm: gettyps
devel: cl-infix
devel: gbdk
devel: gbdk-dev
devel: gbdk-examples
devel: ilisp
devel: ilisp-doc
devel: inform
devel: inform-docs
devel: its4
devel: jad
devel: jdk1.1
devel: jdk1.1-dev
devel: jdk1.1-native
devel: jdk1.1-native-dev
devel: libforms-bin
devel: libforms-dev
devel: libforms0.88-bin
devel: libforms0.88-dev
devel: libgpcl-dev
devel: libmotif-dev
devel: libsmapi2-dev
devel: mmix-src
devel: mocka
devel: onlisp-code
devel: rtlinux
devel: tads-dev
doc: cl-faq
doc: csound-doc
doc: doc-html-w3
doc: ebook-dev-kde20
doc: grokking-the-gimp
doc: hevea-doc
doc: hwb
doc: libforms-doc
doc: mpi-specs
doc: ocaml-book-en
doc: ocaml-book-fr
doc: ocaml-doc
doc: onlisp-pdf
doc: onlisp-ps
doc: rutebook
doc: selfhtml
doc: sgb-doc
doc: shapetools-tutorial
doc: tcltutor
doc: w3-recs
doc: w3-recs-2002
doc: x3270-htmldoc
doc: xgobi-doc
editors: axe
editors: xtrkcad
electronics: spim
games: abuse-sfx
games: angband
games: astrolog
games: bsdgames-nonfree
games: crafty
games: cxhextris
games: doom-wad-shareware
games: floater
games: gsn-curses
games: gsn-jigsaw
games: gumshoe
games: ines
games: ldmud
games: maelstrom
games: moria
games: snes9x-common
games: snes9x-fx
games: snes9x-opengl
games: snes9x-svga
games: snes9x-x
games: so-far
games: tadsr
games: tatctae
games: weather
games: xearth
games: xinvaders
games: xmame
games: xmame-fx
games: xmame-gl
games: xmame-svga
games: xmame-x
games: xpacman
games: xtrojka
games: zangband
graphics: blender
graphics: cthugha
graphics: font3d
graphics: fractxtra
graphics: gfont
graphics: giflib-bin
graphics: giflib3g-dev
graphics: gifsicle
graphics: gimp1.2-nonfree
graphics: gimp1.3-nonfree
graphics: graphviz
graphics: jpeg2ps
graphics: libsrgpg1
graphics: libsrgpg1-dev
graphics: netpbm-nonfree
graphics: picon-domains
graphics: picon-misc
graphics: picon-news
graphics: picon-unknown
graphics: picon-usenix
graphics: picon-users
graphics: picon-weather
graphics: povray
graphics: povray-doc
graphics: povray-misc
graphics: ucbmpeg
graphics: ucbmpeg-play
graphics: whirlgif
graphics: xanim
graphics: xfractint
graphics: xshodo
hamradio: hdlant
hamradio: sattrack
hamradio: sattrack-x11
interpreters: tkgofer
libs: giflib3g
libs: libforms0.88
libs: libforms0.89
libs: libgpcl0
libs: libmotif3
libs: libsmapi2
mail: bulkmail
mail: dot-forward-src
mail: ezmlm-src
mail: fastforward-src
mail: mush
mail: pine-docs
mail: qmail-src
mail: serialmail-src
math: calctool
math: gap
math: gap4
math: gap4-doc-dvi
math: gap4-doc-html
math: gap4-doc-ps
math: gap4-gac
math: gap4-gdat
math: gap4-tdat
math: gap4-test
math: ggobi
math: gliese
math: pcx
math: pgplot5
math: scilab
math: sgb
math: sgb-src
math: xgobi
math: yale
misc: cmap-adobe-cns1
misc: cmap-adobe-gb1
misc: cmap-adobe-japan1
misc: cmap-adobe-japan2
misc: cmap-adobe-korea1
misc: distributed-net
misc: distributed-net-pproxy
misc: e100-source
misc: mpsql
misc: mysql-doc
misc: phylip
misc: prime-net
misc: simh-rsts-images
misc: simh-unix-images
misc: xacc-smotif
misc: xephem
net: 3270-common
net: c3270
net: cucipop
net: epan
net: mrouted
net: netperf
net: nttcp
net: portsentry
net: pr3287
net: qpage
net: rancid-cgi
net: rancid-core
net: rancid-util
net: s3270
net: tcl3270
net: tnt
net: ucspi-tcp-src
news: diablo
news: diablo-common
news: diablo-readerd
news: newsgate
news: nntpcache
news: nntpcache-dev-doc
news: trn
news: trn4
non-US: pgp
non-US: pgp5i
non-US: rsaref2
non-US: speak-freely
non-US: ssh-askpass-nonfree
non-US: ssh-nonfree
non-US: ssh2
otherosfs: dgen
otherosfs: mcvert
otherosfs: os8
otherosfs: simh
otherosfs: spectrum-roms
otherosfs: stella
otherosfs: xzx
science: clustalw
science: clustalx
science: molphy
science: treetool
sound: amp
sound: festlex-oald
sound: festvox-ellpc11k
sound: mp3asm
sound: mpg123
sound: mpg123-esd
sound: mpg123-nas
sound: mpg123-oss-3dnow
sound: mpg123-oss-i486
sound: rsynth
sound: tracker
tex: abc2mtex
tex: arabtex
tex: circ-tex
tex: dvi2tty
tex: dvipdfm-cjk-cmap
tex: foiltex
tex: lgrind
tex: musixtex
tex: musixtex-doc
tex: opustex
tex: ptex-jtex
tex: revtex
tex: tth
text: agrep
text: ccf
text: cedictb5
text: cedictgb
text: edict
text: edict-fpw
text: enamdict
text: figfonts
text: figfonts-cjk
text: gs-aladdin
text: gs-cjk-resource
text: gsfonts-other
text: kanjidic
text: pips760
text: pips770
text: pips800
text: pips820-3300
text: sun-resolver
text: xpdf-chinese-simplified
text: xpdf-chinese-traditional
text: xpdf-japanese
text: xpdf-korean
utils: btoa
utils: iozone3
utils: lha
utils: ncompress
utils: rar
utils: rpl
utils: unarj
utils: unrar
utils: upx-nrv
utils: vje-delta
utils: zoo
web: album
web: http-analyze
web: libapache-mod-fastcgi
web: php4-dbase
web: vrwave
web: wap-wml-tools
web: wwwcount
x11: amiwm
x11: cxterm-big5
x11: cxterm-common
x11: cxterm-gb
x11: cxterm-jis
x11: cxterm-ks
x11: dxpc
x11: freefont
x11: motif-clients
x11: sharefont
x11: ttf-kochi-gothic-naga10
x11: ttf-kochi-mincho-naga10
x11: ttf-larabie-deco
x11: ttf-larabie-straight
x11: ttf-larabie-uncommon
x11: wip
x11: x3270
x11: xfonts-naga10
x11: xfonts-scalable-nonfree
x11: xpostitplus
x11: xslideshow
x11: xsnow
x11: xtoolplaces

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