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Re: Free v's Open Source software

Hi Glenn,

Il 13/11/2002 alle 15:53:09, +1100, Glenn McGrath ha scritto:
> It comes down to how pragmatic a person is as to how they value Free v's
> Open Source Software, some people are prepared to sacrifice a little
> freedom to have some luxuries today. Its a personal decision.

If i understand you correctly, your sentence implies that Open Source
Software or in general non-free software is of a better quality, at
least on luxuries..., than free software. Is that really true? I'm not
sure, this way of dividing categories is more a common place than a
fact. At least as far it concerns Multimedia i can tell you that is not
true. With the DeMuDi project we wanted exactly to prove that not only
free software applications are equal or superior to non-free but we are
sure that 100% GNU/Linux + free software compeetes with no problems with
other platform considered to be the *top* on this field, read Mac

Actually making debian 100% free software only would help the free
software community a lot, since all those package leaving in the limbo
will get over the little existing resistence to become real free
software, there would not be anymore an excuse to live in a limbo and
the free software community would find some new energies and reason to
fill the gap, if and when they exists with non-free, because you might 
find those gap, but they are not so frequent, in me humble 

Plus, and this an important consideration, at lest for those living in
Europe, i dont know much about legislationsin other countries. European
Commision, even if they do it with a kind of schizophrenic policy, is
pushing toward the free software development, both with grants and by 
strongly suggesting to local administrations to use free software.
I think this is another good reason to forget non-free and focuse only 
on free software.

	marco trevisani

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