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Re: Certification of HA with Debian

On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 10:23:52PM +0100, Javier Viñuales Gutiérrez wrote:
> Hi, I'm a Debian developer and my company is working in a Debian based
> big project. We'd talked about certification of high availability Debian
> based systems with some company like Sun Microsystems.
	If you do want HA-solutions you will have to go, one by one
checking wether their product is certified to work (or not) in Debian.
This means you'll have to go to Stonesoft and see if they have Stonebeat
certified (which I think they don't which is quite contradictory with the
fact that Stonesoft's Stonegate firewall is Debian-based). The same for
Legato (Availability Module, or LAAM, I think it's called). And so and so
for every major (?) HA solutions.

	As far as DFSG-free HA software goes (Piranha, VRRP or heartbeat)
there is no one that is going to "certify" it works in Debian.

	You see, certification is the way a company that makes a (usually
propietary) product says that his product works on a given system.
Certification = support for these companies. So as to say, if you make it
work in a non-certified system, then it's not supported (by us).

	These is usually the problem with (big) companies that buy
developments to solution providers since the support is usually given by
the manufacturer of prodcuts and not the provider itself (at least here in
Spain :( They want to know that they will receive support "upstream" for
the solution developed.

	Unfortunately they are not aware that "upstream" (that is,
USA-based) support for propietary solutions is almost moot as soon as you
go overseas.

> Anybody knows any DFSG compliant test to certified this systems?, Does
> it exists any policy or document to guide us.

	DFSG compliant test for certification? I think that you have
certification wrong. Certification is not standarisation (which could be
tested with software, for example check the LSB). You should keep that in

	I hope I have made my *opinion* clear. The words above is
my feeling on how the software market for high-end solutions works
(at least in Spain, and thus it's useful for you). Best regards


PS: See you this weekend at Hispalinux?

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