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random points on debconf


I was tyoing around with debconf and have some points, I would like to
understand and comment:

a) I was runnimg "dpkg-reconfigure -a -p high" to see what will happen. I

- packages are restarted/reconfigured even if I do not change any parameter
and even if there is no parameter displayed (because of prio)
- some remove actions where taken on reconfigure (prerm)

b) I wanted to have a list of all quetions and thought the editor frontend
is the way to go, but I was wrong, since it generates separate fiels for
each package. Would it be possible to generate one large file for all
configured packages.

c) for various packages I get warnings like:
Posibly corrupt data, adding question xxxx (sorry no cut+paste)
(I must admit this is a pretty old system, but I cant think of any file
system corruption. Could this possibly be that some questions where not
added during updates or that old debconf versions had errros, here?)

d) a lot of packages where calling updates-menu (even install-docs) on
configure action which slowed this reconfigure process very much down. I
wonder if we can change policy/menudoc to say that packages to not need to
call update-menu on configure if the menu entries do not depend on debconf
configuration options. Another option would be to lock the dpkg status area
while runnung reconfigure, because this will delay the update-mneus action
into an _single_ background process (if I understand its function right) at
the end of the run.

e) it looks like reconfigure is calling prerm and prerm is not checking for
configure, which is for example a problem with emacs20:
emacs-remove emacs20
emacsen-common: Handling removal of emacsen flavor emacs20
emacsen-common: purging byte-compiled files for emacs20
remove/gettext: Purging byte-compiled files for emacs20
emacs-install emacs20
install/gettext: Byte-compiling for emacs20
Wrote /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/gettext/po-mode.elc
emacsen-common: Handling install of emacsen flavor emacs20
emacsen-common: byte-compiling for emacs20

f) found this but need to debug it further:
registering     105 documents from /usr/share/doc-base ...
error in control file: ormat' value not specified at /usr/sbin/install-docs
line 642, <IN> line 18.

g) this also
/usr/share/omf/nautilus/nautilus-user-manual-ko.omf:5: error: Bytes: 0xB3
0xEB 0xC6 0xBF


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