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Re: Bug#167921: ITP: httrack -- offline browser : copy websites toyour computer

> > That's not true. Everything that works well and is GPL is entitled to be
> > packaged for debian.
> Um, I don't think any software is *entitled* to be packaged for Debian.
> There's plenty of free software which is insecure, or
> unmaintainable/badly written, or that does what it was intended to do
> very well but is ill-conceived.  There are many reasons why a piece of
> software might "work well" but be unfit for packaging.
> -- 
> Steve Langasek
> postmodern programmer

But what you think is entitled or useful may not be what I think
qualifies.  If someone has a desire to package and offer something it
should be encouraged - it may even work better, cheaper and faster than
the de facto standard, but no one will ever know unless it's tried.  The
"marketplace" is the best judge of what is desired.  Linux itself
wouldn't exist if the approach of "we already have a tool that'll do
that" was used to prevent the intorduction of something new.


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