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Re: [Internal Projects] Package browser (Was: Debian Color Themes, ...)

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 12:13:09PM -0800, Carl B. Constantine wrote:
> > But please tell me what you don't like about the current synaptic
> > interface. I'm open for suggestions!
> Have you taken a look at stormpkg? There are things I like about it. But
> I haven't done a deep down comparison between stormpkg and synaptic.
> It's a bit of a shame that stormpkg is left out to dry. It actually dies
> on me all the time now. The only thing I use it for is to take a look at
> what packages have been updated.

I had a look at stormpkg and I liked some of the ideas. The synaptic
repository dialog is pretty similar to stormpkg and the idea about
having colors in the package list to indicate what state the package
is (to be install, to be removed, etc) comes from it, too.
> I'd really like to see a feature that allowed me to view exactly all the
> updated packages that I would need to install during an upate or
> dist-upgrade. Combined with a function to show me which additional
> packages I need to install to satisfy updates. Additionally a feature to
> show me just all the new packages that have appeered since my last
> update.

Well, maybe you should have a look at the latest synaptic
versions. There is a predefined filter called "Upgradeable" that shows
all installed packages where new versions are available. If you click
on the big "Upgrade" or "DistUpgrade" button, synaptic will mark all
packages to be upgraded. Before you actually procceed, you can have a
second look with the (predefined) filter "Expected changes". It lists
all packages that will be altered.

The "show me new packages" feature is also already there. You just
have to define a filter on the package status "New" (select "filter/by

Be sure to use the version from testing or unstable. The version in
stable is outdated.


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