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GFCC and it's demise

	I've been contemplating this for some time now and would like
to get some other opinions... I'm currently the maintainer of gfcc which
for all intense and purposes has been abandoned by the upstream and only
handles ipchains... I also maintain fwbuilder which handles much more...
My thought is to orphan gfcc and actually request it be removed
completely due to the fact that 1) no upstream means someone would need
to take over as upstream author; 2) it only handles ipchains which is
now superceded by iptables...

	If no one can think of a reason not to take this course of
action I'm open to hearing them... Otherwise if someone wants to take
over as it's upstream and maintainer I'll gladly discuss handing it over
to you... If not I'm looking to orphan it and file a bug against ftp
masters for it's removal...


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