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Re: [bam@debian.org: Fixed in NMU of amavis 20020517-25]

On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 11:55:56AM +1100, Brian May wrote:
> >   Note that by default DEBEMAIL is set to "nobody@nowhere", so you
> Just for the record, in case its not obvious, my problem was that I set
> DEBEMAIL to "bam@debian.org".
> Either I should have set it to "Brian May <bam@debian.org>" or "".
> Its not always obvious what is required for an E-Mail address, some
> programs get badly confused (eg. dh_make got badly confused last I tried
> it, and I ended up with the E-Mail address "Brian May <Brian May
> <bam@debian.org>>") if you give the wrong format, so I just used the
> format of the existing E-Mail address.

No, you can use bam@debian.org in $DEBEMAIL, but in that case you should
also either set your gecos data (/etc/passwd) to include your name, or set
$DEBFULLNAME to it. dh_make's manual page says so pretty clearly.

The behaviour you're describing works in bug(1), but that seems to be more
of an accident than a design decision... and reportbug has replicated
dh_make's behaviour, according to the manual page.

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