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Re: [desktop] lilo bootscreen

Hi ... 

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 06:05:58PM +0100, Philipp Wolfer wrote:
>Unfortuntaly it is in many cases a system for experts, that must be
>changed. I would like to help you on this project but at the moment I've
>not much time. However, some time ago I've created a Debian lilo
>bootscreen, perhaps it's interesting. That's not much, but I believe
>such small things make desktop computing more fun.

I think, it is not nessassary to change Debian from an expert-distro to
a User-Distro. It would be nice to have a smooth configuratinable distro
for both groups of computer-users.

It is important to let changes made by hand/vi/dpkg and to provide
configuration tools for "desktop-users" for simple installing and
configuration. Some distros have only the one way solution:
	You have to configure your system by hand 
	you have to configure your system with some tools.
>The bootscreen is available on http://debian.newswriter.org (Michael
>Renner made a nice deb package for it, which automaticaly patches the

this would be a nice feature for "desktop-users" ... yes


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