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Re: [interal+desktop]Re: [desktop] RFD: Can DeMuDi and Desktop

On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Luke Seubert wrote:

> Whether these special patchsets are compiled as a separate kernel for
> DeDe/DeMuDi, or are rolled into the main Debian kernel; it is important to
> have a pre-compiled kernel of some kind available during install.  Desktop
> Debian is designed for Linux newbies.  Asking Linux newbies to apply patches
> to the kernel source code and compile the kernel is much too complex and
> demanding.  So, for the sake of convenience for such newbies, a pre-compiled
> kernel is necessary.  Obviously, such a kernel would have to be on one of
> the install CDs.
Hmmm, I think I understand your explanation with exception of this
paragraph:  Users will not be forced to patch and recompile if you would
provide a komplete precompiled kernel-image in a ready to install Debian
package.  Just let your

        demudi-base    Metapackage (or whatever it is named)

depend from


and perhaps let it conflict with any other kernel-image to make sure
that exactly this image is really used (even if I think this should
be done by sane defaults for the used boot loader).

Did I have overseen something?

Kind regards


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