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Re: [interal+desktop]Re: [desktop] RFD: Can DeMuDi and Desktop

On 10/23/2002 3:41 PM, marco trevisani at marco@centrotemporeale.it wrote:

> i do agree with Andreas about the fact that any project and sub-project
> should contribute to the all Debian community, at the same time i dont
> see why (sub)projects with common goals should not join forces as Luke
> suggested, with no intention of make an isolated project, on the
> contrary to benefit the all Debian community.
When I have time this evening, I will reply in greater detail to some of the
concerns Andreas raised about forking type activities - something which I
too do not approve of either.

Let me briefly say that a separate DebDe/DeMuDi kernel, available as an
installation option, might temporarily be appropriate because Debian,
rightfully, prefers absolutely rock solid and stable kernels.  Some of the
patches DeMuDi and Desktop Debian are interested in, while tested and
reasonably stable, might not be stable enough to suit Debian, at least for

Personally, I would love to see the low latency and pre-emptible kernel
patches make their way into the mainstream Debian kernel someday so that
everything is unified - with no need for separate kernels.  Many of these
patches are in Linus's 2.5.x development tree.  But rock solid stability
must come first, and I would hazard a guess that these special patchsets of
interest to DeMuDi and Debian Desktop need a bit more cooking and refinement

> I really would like to join forces, with the desktop project since, as
> they might have interest in our kernel development we are also
> interested to provide an easy to use desktop (see my *extra large* email
> on the subject) without compromising computer efficiency, for instance
> without introducing too much latency, as we noticed on our test about a
> year ago.
If I may ask Marco, which GUIs did you try, and on what kind of hardware?  I
am running a modest 466MHz Celeron, but I know folks using Debian run
desktops on hardware less powerful than that.

Luke Seubert

P.S.  You mentioned XFce as being lightweight and a good little GUI.  I
agree - it is a good way to go, so long as DeMuDi users do not need a
Win95/98 look-a-like type GUI.

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