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Re: [interal+desktop]Re: [desktop] RFD: Can DeMuDi and Desktop

On 10/25/2002 1:51 AM, Andreas Tille at tillea@rki.de wrote:

> On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Luke Seubert wrote:
>> Do I want to see these specialized DeMuDi and Debian Desktop patches make it
>> into the default Debian kernel someday?  Absolutely yes!
> I wonder what profit we gain if these patches are included in the default
> kernel.  (To make this sentence clear - I'm no native speaker: I just not
> know and ask for advise - it is no critics of your intention.)
Quite all right.  I am most happy to clarify my point.:-)

> Wouldn't it be enough if this kernel package would be installed once
> you selected a meta-package which depends from this kernel and other
> packages which belong to the project?  I see no need to have this stuff
> on the official Debian installation CDs.
First off, the DeDe/DeMuDi patch set will, someday, be merged into the
Debian kernel no matter what.  Most of these patches are in the 2.5.x
development kernel right now.  So, the patchsets in question will probably
be default Debian 2.6.x kernels, oh, maybe about the time of Sarge+1 ?

Until then, it would be nice if these special patches proved themselves
sufficiently stable and worthwhile that they could be merged into the main
Debian kernel.  Then it wouldn't be necessary to have a "special" kernel
pre-compiled just for DeDe/DeMuDi, hogging up space on the first install CD.
This would make things simpler for the Debian kernel maintainers, and unify
the code base, and shrink it a bit too.

Whether these special patchsets are compiled as a separate kernel for
DeDe/DeMuDi, or are rolled into the main Debian kernel; it is important to
have a pre-compiled kernel of some kind available during install.  Desktop
Debian is designed for Linux newbies.  Asking Linux newbies to apply patches
to the kernel source code and compile the kernel is much too complex and
demanding.  So, for the sake of convenience for such newbies, a pre-compiled
kernel is necessary.  Obviously, such a kernel would have to be on one of
the install CDs.

Please let me know if this clarifies matters sufficiently.

Luke Seubert

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