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Re: semi-moderating debian lists

Duncan Findlay dijo:
> Sure, only slightly spammy messages are moderated, but still, it
> reduces the community feel.

Delivering spam to our users, developers, BTS... doesn't speak wonders
of us either. This approach is as good as any other. Something has to be

> I think developers shouldn't waste their time moderating lists

I strongly agree, but everyone else saves time setting up spam filters,
looking for false positives, tweaking conf... It's a dirty job but
someone's got to do it. Someone has to supervise the outcome of
automatic filtering.

> Yes. I'd object strongly. There are other ways of fixing the problem,
> and your proposal is simply too time-consuming.

Please reconsider objecting. Don't volunteer to do it, instead. i
I can manage to automate my moderation tasks (yes, Santiago, count me
in) so that the time it takes me is minimal: Read mail, decide it's
spam, delete it. Or decide it's legitimate, press whatever key binding,
submit it. 

I would happily port this procedure to mailman as I am also very tired
of dealing with spam at Hispalinux lists, for which I stand responsible.

Thanks for your time.

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