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Re: semi-moderating debian lists

On Sat, Oct 26, 2002 at 09:20:25PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> These are some statistics about the approximate amount of spam mail
> received from all the Debian lists I'm subscribed to during this month
> until today:

Santiago, I'd be more interested in statistics generated with a later
version of spamassassin.

If lists.debian.org were to upgrade to SA 2.4x, I'd bet on a serious
reduction in spam. Going to moderation style lists is simply

By filtering lists through spamassassin 2.43 (even with the
compensation for X-Mailing-List, etc making an effective threshold ) I
get only a few spams from the lists (no stats, sorry)

Plus, I feel that moderation takes away from the overall "openness" of
the Debian project. Sure, only slightly spammy messages are moderated,
but still, it reduces the community feel.

I think developers shouldn't waste their time moderating lists, they
should do more useful work, like fixing RC bugs, working on
debian-installer, etc.

> Naive question: Would anyone object if I ask the listmasters to
> implement this procedure? [ Remember, "If you want something done,
> do it yourself" does not work at all for things where you need root ].

Yes. I'd object strongly. There are other ways of fixing the problem,
and your proposal is simply too time-consuming.

Duncan Findlay

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