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Re: Hybrid 7 OFTC IRC Daemon - experimental package

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 08:52:35PM -0700, Jonathan Walther scrawled:
> Please stop being a jerk. This isn't a "let's shit on anything related
> to Freenode" mailing list.  Andrew Suffield has put a lot of work into the
> IRC daemon currently used by OPN, and from my perspective as a user of
> OPN, he has been doing an excellent job.

I was sharing my experience as a staff member (where you have a little
bit more to do with IRC daemons than users) of OPN, in particular, as a
member of the conversion team (which had a LOT more to do with
dancer-ircd than your average user). I was pointing out a great deal of

I'm not slighting the amount of work Andrew has put in; I'm only stating
that I don't feel the end result is fit for Debian's default IRCd,
because of my experience with how unstable dancer proved to be during my
time with OPN.

As for your "let's shit on anything related to Freenode" slight, I doubt
it very much. If I wanted to be bitter, there's other networks to direct
my bitterness at. This is also not the "let's put words into Daniel's
mouth" mailing list, yet I don't see you moving off. I provided concrete
examples as to huge dancer balls-ups (indeed, one so great it forced
Andrew to revert to ircu, losing the conversion team 48 hours of
monotonous work), and all you have provided is a couple of pithy
slights. Heh.

> I would enjoy it if you could stick to reasoned debate

'This isn't a "let's shit on anything related to Freenode" mailing

> leave the name
> calling and slurs at home

"Please stop being a jerk".

> and discuss the respective merits of these
> IRC daemons on a more appropriate mailing list.

I can't think of a more appropriate list to discuss the choice of
Debian's *default* *ircd*. If you have mystically invented
debian-defaultircd, please let me know.

-d, who really isn't sure whether to sigh or laugh

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