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Re: Hybrid 7 OFTC IRC Daemon - experimental package

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 11:16:55PM +0200, Martin Loschwitz scrawled:
> On Sun, Oct 20, 2002 at 03:07:52PM +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > This looks really good from a quick glance, and I recommend it be the
> > default. dancer is unusable, even if you are asuffield, 
> This is crap. dancer-ircd is as usable as every other ircd is, as long as you
> take the time to configure it correctly.

I was talking about the awful code quality.

When dancer was put into OPN use, the topic in the staff channel usually
had about 3 instances of "don't do <foo>, you'll take down several leaf
servers and a hub", where foo was something trivial like OPERWALL, or
umode -o (those are both accurate examples; OPERWALL randomly killed
servers, and umode -o made your session prone to extreme instability, as
well as the servers). It's just shit code on top of a shit codebase
(hyb6), as the results show. Most IRC daemons have been proven to work;
dancer has been proven to fail.

> ircu is ...

ircu, yes.

> I actually doubt we need a default-ircd. People who want to use an ircd can
> either do "apt-get install ircd" or "apt-cache search ircd"


> > ircu, and plain hyb7 doesn't have some of gcc's and jabea's cool
> > patches.
> >
> Can you tell me something about these "cool" patches for ircu? If they are
> useful, i will not hestitate to include them in one of the next releases.

They're for hyb7 IIRC, not ircu. Talk to them if you want the lowdown on
exactly which patches they are, but jabea (or maybe gcc) was becoming
hyb upstream last I heard, so they're probably mostly merged mainline

Daniel Stone                                     <dstone@trinity.unimelb.edu.au>
Developer, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

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