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Re: Hybrid 7 OFTC IRC Daemon - experimental package

* Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> [2002-10-26 19:41]:

> Symlinks work just fine in this case.

Yes, just tested.

> As for viconf/vimotd/vklines, what makes you think root should have
> anything to do with an IRC server? Please tell me that this and other
> ircd's don't run as root.

No, the ircd won't run as root but - same as with apache and other
daemons - only root should be able to _change_ the configuration. Thx to
the unix file permissions this is no problem.

> The vi* programs provide more than just priviledged access, they provide
> a locking mechanism. They are pertinent in this case.

Yes, the locking mechanism is nice. The next version of the package will
have the viconf + symlinks.

As for the oftc-blitzed services the package will take some more time
since the configure and install script don't work as expected regarding
prefix and *dir options.

yours Martin
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