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Re: Hybrid 7 OFTC IRC Daemon - experimental package

* Daniel Stone <dstone@kde.org> [2002-10-20 10:45]:

> This looks really good from a quick glance, and I recommend it be the
> default. dancer is unusable, even if you are asuffield, ircu is ...
> ircu, and plain hyb7 doesn't have some of gcc's and jabea's cool
> patches.
Thx, another question: upstream includes the following:

viconf.c        - edit your conf file without having to chdir su etc. etc.
                  also locks the file if file locking is used.
                  viconf is also installed with hard links as vimotd and
                  viklines, to edit those files in a locked mode.

Lintian warns about the hardlinks and I wonder if the Debian package
actually needs these programs since imo only root should be able to edit
the config files. 

yours Martin
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