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Re: [desktop] Don't assume you know users

Luke Seubert wrote:

> On 10/25/2002 4:06 PM, Craig Dickson at crdic@pacbell.net wrote:
> > Thank you very much. I have pretty much stopped reading the menu threads
> > here because so much of it falls into the non-productive category as
> > you've described it.
> You are right in the sense that the discussion is not about technical
> aspects of the menu system.

No, that's not at all what I said. Not even close. I was not saying that
the discussion had to be about strictly technical matters. I was saying
(in context) that too much of these threads have been just a lot of
pointless back and forth about "users want this", "no, users want that",
"why don't we have a preference for it", "too many preferences are bad,"
"okay, well, I think users want this", "no, users want that", around and
around without conclusion. And necessarily so, because nobody seems to
have any really solid basis for their position. There's a lot of
half-understood, piecemeal usability theory being tossed around, but not
in a way that leads to a unified solution that really makes sense.


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