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Re: [desktop] Don't assume you know users

On 10/25/2002 4:06 PM, Craig Dickson at crdic@pacbell.net wrote:
> Thank you very much. I have pretty much stopped reading the menu threads
> here because so much of it falls into the non-productive category as
> you've described it.
You are right in the sense that the discussion is not about technical
aspects of the menu system.  This is true.  And yes, many of the ideas
tossed out on these [desktop] threads are things that are doable from a
technical point of view.  The code exists, or soon will exist.

But I beg to differ when you claim that because the discussion is not
technical, it is therefore useless.  This has all been a discussion about
User Interface Design.  While this is not software code, it is important,
especially for Debian Desktop.

And it requires discussion and consideration, because just like good
software, good UID requires that one first do a little planning and design
work.  Create an outline, a framework - and then fill in the details.  Good
software programmers don't jump into and starting coding a really big piece
of software without a plan.  All that is is spinning your wheels at 100 MPH
(162 kph) without knowing what direction you are going in.

And yes, when it reaches beta stage, the UID should be tested, and then
revised and improved.  But you can't do that until you actually have a UID
to test.  And you can't design and layout the UID until you have a decent
plan.  And that plan is what we are working on now.

If you would prefer that this planning and brainstorming take place on a
mailing list other than debian-devel, then offer that up as a suggestion :-)

Luke Seubert

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