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Re: Game packages starting servers?

On Sat, 26 Oct 2002 02:52, Helios de Creisquer wrote:
> I never really understood why "game" always seemed to be assimilated  to
> unfinished, unmaintained, unsecure, in short _BAD_ (tm) software  for  a
> lot of guys... not that it is never like this, but it's  IMHO  like  any
> other kind of software... game != evil...
> While we are at it, I have one question about game'servers  packaging...
> When I packaged tetrinetx first time, I had a doubt about:
>         - where to put the binary ?

I really don't want to see games in /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, etc.  I want to apply 
a different security label to my games so that they run in a less privileged 
domain.  If game servers are in /usr/sbin then I'll need to make a list of 
them which is painful to maintain.  If it's all under /usr/games then it's 
easy to label...

>         - where to put pids / highscores ?
>                 - /var/{run,lib} like anty others daemons ?
>                 - /var/games like any standard run-play-quit game ?

High scores belong in /var/games IMHO.  Then I can grant the games write 
access to /var/games and prevent them from writing to anywhere else.

>         - where to put logs ?
>                 - /var/log ...

/var/log/games/name.log ???

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