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Re: [interal+desktop]Re: [desktop] RFD: Can DeMuDi and Desktop

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Luke Seubert wrote:

> Do I want to see these specialized DeMuDi and Debian Desktop patches make it
> into the default Debian kernel someday?  Absolutely yes!
I wonder what profit we gain if these patches are included in the default
kernel.  (To make this sentence clear - I'm no native speaker: I just not
know and ask for advise - it is no critics of your intention.)
Wouldn't it be enough if this kernel package would be installed once
you selected a meta-package which depends from this kernel and other
packages which belong to the project?  I see no need to have this stuff
on the official Debian installation CDs.

> Do I want to see
> them get merged in before they are thoroughly tested and checked out,
> possibly screwing up various servers that really need a totally reliable
> kernel?  Absolutely not.
I guess many developpers would throw not only stones on you if you
would not give this answer ;-)).

Kind regards


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