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Re: Debian 3.0 for i386 installer ISO based on PGI 1.0.1 available

Branden Robinson wrote:
In light of recent negative reviews of Debian in which the installer was
roundly criticized, Progeny has decided to help critics of Debian pay
attention to something other than the installer itself, by making it
possible to install Debian 3.0 using an interface more conventionally
conceived of as "friendly".

Progeny has made available an i386 Debian 3.0 (woody) installer image
based on version 1.0.1 of PGI, the Progeny Graphical Installer.  This is
available at <http://archive.progeny.com/progeny/pgi/>.

I've just tested it on two machines, and it worked great for me with hardware auto detection and everything. I'm looking forward to the continuing development of this installer.


P.S.: If you need a Danish translator for the installer, I'd like to volunteer.

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