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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 10:46:13PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava scribbled:
> >>"Matthew" == Matthew McGuire <gray@shadowglade.net> writes:
>  Matthew> Minimal
>  Matthew>  - Fvwm
> 	Why is fvwm minimal? How many window managers have user
>  configurable window decorations? (I can create whole new buttons in a
>  few lines of text). How many have mouse gestures available as key
>  bindings? themes?  (well, lots of wm have those, I guess)
> 	Customizable Forms? Command input areas so you can type
>  commands at your window manager at run time?
> 	Grmpf. minimal. 
Note that at quite a few points in that thread people were talking about
"standalone" window managers. And I think it's sensible to provide support
for them, as well. Nobody is ignoring other window managers, the discussion
simply circles around _desktops_ - KDE and GNOME - which is quite logical
since we're talking about the Debian Desktop ;). That said, a desktop is
also a thing managed by fwvm, openbox, windowmaker - sure. There just has to
be somebody to add that support to those window managers. Jeff Waugh pointed
out the vFolder specification as the low-level menu implementation in the
future Debian menu package - if this is what's gonna happen, fwvm etc. will
have to somehow support that (either directly or indirectly by some script
to generate their layout from the .desktop files). If they do, there's no
problem in having them as a choice of the environment in DeDe. I used to use
fwvm a long ago, then switched to WindowMaker, then sawfish and now
(unfortunately) metacity (unfortunately because it's dog slow and I don't
really like it, but since it's the "recommended" WM for GNOME, I can live
with it, not a religious matter ;)) and I'd really like for example sawfish
working good with DeDe _and_ GNOME. Unfortunately, since some time Sawfish
became very unstable for me and, having no time to hunt for the reason, I
switched to metacity. Ok, I drifted off topic... My point is that if it is
possible/doable to support the DeDe stuff by some WM which is not one
usually used with any of the desktop environments, then it should be done,
of course.


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