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Re: [desktop] Some comment on the tenets

Am 24.10.02 um 15:23:25 schrieb Steve Langasek:
> I am saying that treating users as if they are all either novices or
> experts is self-fulfilling prophecy. [...]
> so long as we don't make it painFUL
> when the user tries to advance beyond the established novice boundaries.

I agree. There may be many more "intermediate" people than one might
imagine. Perhaps they are even the majority.

Yesterday I had to work with Powerpoint again. The quotes in the
presentation were all wrong, so I tried a Search&Replace. Guess what?
While trying to substitute `` (that's an opening quote symbol, don't
want to send UTF-8 to this list) for », Powerpoint did that, but it
also replaced all occurences of ''. And all occurences of ". That's
because a novices doesn't know the difference anyway. But I do. Well,
probably I have to do some VB stuff, but I'm not an expert in this field
either. No, I'm in between.


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