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[desktop] Some comment on the tenets

....okay, only one comment. Tenet #2 dictates that there are "only two
classes of users: the novice, and the expert". This IMHO is a mistake.

There is a third class of user that I run into all the time - for lack of a
better term, I usually call them the "intermediate". These are the sorts of
people who like to tweak little bits of settings, but aren't entirely diving
into the deep details. The sorts of people who, under Windows, have eleventy
billion little "tweak" utilities for customization, and the sorts of people
under Linux who find Sawfish lisp snippets grabbed off the 'net to be great
fun. Folks who consider gconf-editor to be the most useful thing they have.

They're not "experts"; they wouldn't know how to configure X or switch to a
different default shell. But they're not novices, either; they know what a
web browser is, and may even switch between different types of the same

I'd suggest that it's extremely important that, even if this project doesn't
explicitly support such people, it shouldn't alienate them in the process.

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