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Re: [interal+desktop]Re: [desktop] RFD: Can DeMuDi and Desktop

On 10/24/2002 2:44 AM, Andreas Tille at tillea@rki.de wrote:

> But I see no sense in making kernel development to an exclusive target
> of the sub-projects.  This is what I mean with: "Using solid Debian
> infra structure for the profit of the internal projects."  Let Debian
> care for the basics (by just filing an RFP-/ITP-bug and grab the work
> if noone else steps in yourself).
> [snip]
> ... and the naming should be apropriate to not confuse users.  This is
> what I wanted to adress.  Do not confuse users and developers by
> improper naming.  Just build a general package
> kernel-<some_wonderful_and_nifty_stuff>_<version>.deb
> and let a demudi-kernel package depend from it.  Everything else would
> be confusing IMHO.
Allow me to toss out a few ideas in regards to the need, temporarily, for a
separate kernel image for DeMuDi at least, and likely Debian Desktop as

Debian is rightfully famous for putting a very strong emphasis on stability.
Debian is the ONLY major distro that shipped a stable release this year with
the 2.2.x kernel as the default kernel.  Why?  Because the Debian kernel
package maintainer believed that 2.4.x was not stable enough to suit
Debian's demanding standards.

So, Debian is really picky about rock stable kernels.  But DeMuDi and Debian
Desktop would like to add some patches to the standard Debian kernel so that
the kernel works better for their specialized applications.  And while these
patches have been tested pretty well in 2.4.19; and most of them are now
part of 2.5.x; are they really stable enough to meet the high standards for
a Debian default kernel?  Hmm, maybe, but then again, maybe not.

So let DeMuDi and Debian Desktop deploy these kernels, test them, get user
feedback, and make sure they are worthy of a Debian default kernel install.
And during that testing phase, Debian will continue to be the same rock
solid distro that sysadmins love to put on their highly loaded servers.

Do I want to see these specialized DeMuDi and Debian Desktop patches make it
into the default Debian kernel someday?  Absolutely yes!  Do I want to see
them get merged in before they are thoroughly tested and checked out,
possibly screwing up various servers that really need a totally reliable
kernel?  Absolutely not.

>> Sorry i dont know why every time i write it ends up to be such a long
>> message, maybe is because I'm always in a hurry and very little time for
>> email...
> Ditto  :)
What the heck, I used to run AOL many years ago.  Me too ;-)

Luke Seubert

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