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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 9:49 AM, Michael Banck at mbanck@gmx.net wrote:

> but labelling Galeon as 'MS Internet Explorer
> lookalike' is a bit over-the-top I think.
> Then, I might have gotten you wrong.

<squeal>  Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!  </squeal>

Oh no, I didn't mean to suggest labeling Galeon or Konqueror as MSIE or
anything like that.  Icky!  No thanks ;-)

Rather, I was just pointing out that there are going to be some types of
computer users who literally don't know that Internet Explorer is a type of
browser.  (My stepmother comes to mind ;-)

So even if we try to make the Debian Desktop menu layout as simple as
possible for newbies, by using labeled apps in the menu such as "Web Browser
(Galeon)", some of these totally ignorant types of users will STILL be

Frankly, for the total ignoramus like that, I don't think it is possible to
design a simple and usable UI.  Computers are complex things - it takes some
minimal level of intelligence and training to use them. We can't help those
sorts of people who are below these minimal threshholds.

But we should strive to present something that is simple and elegant, and
readily usable for Linux newbie who is at least a minimally knowledgeable
Windows or Mac user.  We have some hope of achieving that goal.

Luke Seubert

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