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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/24/2002 9:46 AM, Michael Banck at mbanck@gmx.net wrote:

> How about this:
> Let menu entries have an alternative, descriptive record (hints
> probably, but make them coherent WRT other applications)
> When in 'Desktop mode', display the alternative record, like 'Web
> Browser'
I like this line of reasoning.  How about changing the term 'Desktop mode'
to "Basic Menu", and the alternative available would be called "Advanced
Menu".  Basic for the newbies, and those who prefer simplicity; and Advanced
for the "power user".

> If the user happens to have two web browsers installed, either choose
> the one with the highest priority alone or display all with the real
> name in paranthesis like 'Web Browser (Galeon)'
So long as this doesn't get to be too complex codewise, this might be a nice
feature.  I would tend to favor something that, when the user was in the KDE
environment, would list KDE browsers first and then GTK broswers (or XUL
browsers).  And of course, vice-versa for Gnome.  That requires more
complexity and intelligent code though :-/

> If not in 'Desktop mode', just default to the name like it is now.
Yes, this is the general idea I think behind "Advanced Menu" - but I would
have to think that one through as well.  I also think that the Advanced Menu
should also be elegant and simple, but with deeper nesting, more
applications, and perhaps some additional menu and submenu names.  Hmm, this
requires more thought - I shall ponder anon ;-)

> Of course, this should be made configurable on a per-system basis at
> least.
> (I still think we should take our menu systems and plug them into KDE and
> GNOME. That way, we could get this functionality for all window
> managers)

Luke Seubert

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