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Re: [desktop] RFD: Can DeMuDi and Desktop Debian unite kernel development efforts?

On 10/24/2002 2:58 AM, Andreas Tille at tillea@rki.de wrote:

> What I want to say is:  Integrating a good package with free is
> easy! Just make it not more complicated than it is.
I see your point.

> I hope this clarifies my intentions and that I perfectly understand your
> goal but that I'm fighting against making things more complicated than
> necessary.
Yup.  I understand your meaning now.

Hopefully, we'll get a volunteer to sort out some of the Debian Desktop
kernel issues, coordinate with DeMuDi, and get it integrated with the Debian
kernel packagers.  If we do, I will pass along your concerns.

Luke Seubert

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