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Creating Release{.gpg} files, how to do it...for a local cache

Q. Are the tools the ftp-master uses available for the general user?

Q. If so are they documented?

Q. Are they in a deb package...I'm aware of stuff like apt-move,

I have succeeded in getting one to work by changing the Origin
to something other than Debian and then using /etc/apt/preferences
to bump up the PIN priority so that my packages are on par with
the rest of debian stable. There must be a way that this can be
done without adding stuff to preferences

Release file: (one that does not work)

Origin: Debian
Label: Debian
Suite: stable
Version: 3.0
Codename: woody
Architectures: i386
Description: Packages obtained from outside of main Debian archive
 15b8cde48a0774c6205c82547bbdfbb8             Packages.gz

Causes this output in apt-cache policy:

 500 ftp://<myhost> uwaterloo/ Packages
      release v=3.0,o=Debian,l=Debian
	  origin <myhost>

I want this to 990, I have 
APT::Default-Release "stable";

in /etc/apt/apt.conf

SOLUTION (don't really like it):

If I change Origin to 'UWaterloo' for example AND add

Package: *
Pin: release o=Uwaterloo
Pin-Priority: 990


THEN it works....

I would prefer NOT to have to do these extra steps...any suggestions?

It would really be nice to know exactly how apt uses the Release file to
setup Pin values or more precisely how it chooses packages to download.


ps. apt is not very well documented or at least it seems it could
be better....and the apt developers should be the ones to write it
since they know how the program works.

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