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Re: [desktop] Some comment on the tenets

On Thursday 24 October 2002 05:52, Joanne Hunter wrote:
> ....okay, only one comment. Tenet #2 dictates that there are "only two
> classes of users: the novice, and the expert". This IMHO is a mistake.
> There is a third class of user that I run into all the time - for lack of a
> better term, I usually call them the "intermediate". These are the sorts of
> people who like to tweak little bits of settings, but aren't entirely
> diving into the deep details. The sorts of people who, under Windows, have
> eleventy billion little "tweak" utilities for customization, and the sorts
> of people under Linux who find Sawfish lisp snippets grabbed off the 'net
> to be great fun. Folks who consider gconf-editor to be the most useful
> thing they have.
> They're not "experts"; they wouldn't know how to configure X or switch to a
> different default shell. But they're not novices, either; they know what a
> web browser is, and may even switch between different types of the same
> program.
> I'd suggest that it's extremely important that, even if this project
> doesn't explicitly support such people, it shouldn't alienate them in the
> process.

this is my wife 100%.  She actually prefers linux over Windows because it does 
not talk to here like she is a baby or condescend on her by handing her 
"Computers for Dummies".  I still help her with things fairly often but she 
would come screaming if suddenly her menus changed into "My programs".

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