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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

> > Most sensible thing is not to limit terminal to one choice.
> > 
> > Let's select the best of breed with reason.  I think one for barebome C
> > locale and one for UTF-8/multibyte is reasonable.  So why not one from
> > xterm/rxvt/... and one from mlterm/...  I have hardtime imagining X
> > without the good old (stable) xterm :-)
> > 
> Heh.  Yeah, that was why my first tentative suggestion was for xterm - a
> stable and good old choice :-)
> But if mlterm could be shown to be as stable, or nearly as stable as xterm,
> do you think it would suffice as the single default choice?
> Or maybe the menu should present only one choice, but which choice is chosen
> based upon locale to suit the user during installation. xterm for some,
> mlterm for others, but only one "Terminal" selection available in the menu
> hierarchy.  Does this sound like a good way to go?

Wy not use the terminal present in the current Desktop Enviroment, use
screen names for all applications like "Web Browser", "Terminal Emulator",
and use that to create a unified menu design. When you klick on
"Terminal Emulator" in KDE you get konsole, and in GNOME gnome-terminal.

That would make the menu's small, and to the point. And then add
submenu's for debian's standard menu(with alot of apps) and the
other desktop enviorments menu(ex. GNOME: Programs->KDE->Internet->Web Browser).

Joakim Kolsjö
A member of The Swedish Linux Society, http://se.linux.org.

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