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Re: [desktop] Unix configuration nightmare

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 17:09, Bart Schuller wrote:
> XSLT is *not* meant for transforming to "legacy formats". The only thing
> it's good at is transforming trees to other trees, with those trees
> closely mimicking the XML information set.
It is designed to transform from trees, to anything. Anything includes
legacy formats

> But I'm perplexed to see a question roughly of the same order as "how do
> we get world peace?" being answered with a simple "just use XML/XSLT".
I was jumping the gun a little.  And anyhow, I like another posters info
(http://freshmeat.net/articles/view/565/) much better.  But I am glad to
see that you consider Unix configuration on a par with world piece ;-)


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