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Re: [desktop] Unix configuration nightmare

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 09:10, Steve Kemp wrote:
>   I suspect it would be a hard idea to sell it to upstream in many 
>  cases.  There exist libraries, such as gconf, which can be used for
>  reading configuration files - however many people ignore these and
>  prefer to write their own ad-hoc code.

Yes. IMHO, the best idea would be to create something which works in a
similar way to webmin - no changes are needed in upstream programs, but
extra scripts/configuration files are created to tell the configuration
system how to edit the program-specific files.

There are lots of discussions about this already in the link provided -
just have to find time to read through them all...

I do think though that if we can convince the authors of webmin/gst/...
to work together on this and then we provide support for most debian
packages, many more people would get interested in it. Without the
backing of a large distribution (like Debian), it is IMHO unlikely that
anything will ever come of this unified configuration system.

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