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[desktop] Unix configuration nightmare

  There has been much debate about unix system configuration [0]. This
has resulted in discussion and even a message of support from the fsf,
however no actual work has been done.

[0] http://www.cat.org.au/maffew/cat/unix-config.html

The main options seem to be:
- Write an entirely new configuration format to be used by all programs.
Write friendly programs for editing these
- Modify/Merge webmin/debconf/xst/gconf/... so that there is a single
tool with multiple interfaces. This would most probably require a small
script to be written for each program.

The problem: something has to be done for every program being used.
Therefore nothing concrete has been done. If that effort was split
between say, 1000 developers, it would be far easier. 

Many people want debian to come up with yet another revolutionary idea
(they think that there haven't been any for quite a while). This seems
to be the perfect opportunity.

So, questions:
- do you think this should be a (long term) aim of debian-desktop?
- do we simply try to merge all the current systems, or try to build
something new? (please think feasibility, not just ideals)
- who's interested in helping?

  .''`. Mark Howard
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