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Re: dpkg-buildpackage requires user's FULL key in "changelog" file

Jameson C. Burt <jameson@coost.com> wrote:
> When building a package with  dpkg-buildpackage, it reads
>   .../debian/changelog
> for a gpg/pgp key.
> I entered  
> -- Jameson C. Burt <jameson@coost.com> ...
> rather than
> -- Jameson C. Burt (from Bozeman, Montana, USA) <jameson@coost.com> ...
> Having not included my gpg comment  "(from Bozeman, Montana, USA)", 
> the key didn't match, so dpkg-buildpackage failed.

I've been hit by this myself, now I simply use -k8B8D7663. Be careful
to use _exactly_ the same Phrase in debian/changelog and
debian/control else your upload will be accepted as NMU.
                 cu andreas

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