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Re: dpkg-buildpackage requires user's FULL key in "changelog" file

Andreas Metzler wrote:
> Jameson C. Burt <jameson@coost.com> wrote:
> > When building a package with  dpkg-buildpackage, it reads
> >   .../debian/changelog
> > for a gpg/pgp key.
> > I entered  
> > -- Jameson C. Burt <jameson@coost.com> ...
> > rather than
> > -- Jameson C. Burt (from Bozeman, Montana, USA) <jameson@coost.com> ...
> > Having not included my gpg comment  "(from Bozeman, Montana, USA)", 
> > the key didn't match, so dpkg-buildpackage failed.
> [...]
> I've been hit by this myself, now I simply use -k8B8D7663. Be careful
> to use _exactly_ the same Phrase in debian/changelog and
> debian/control else your upload will be accepted as NMU.

Why don't you just add another id to the key with whatever subset of
your name you like to use in changelogs?

see shy jo

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