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Craig Sanders wrote:
> i perform a more complicated version of the above on my own systems.  my
> SA threshold is 10.  anything between 10 & 15 gets stored to a folder
> called spam.low, between 15 & 20 to spam.medium, and everything above to
> spam.high.  
> i check spam.low daily.  i get the occasinal false-positive in here, and
> adjust my whitelist or scoring rules accordingly.  mostly, though, it
> captures spam - which has new domains, ip addresses, phrases, etc to add
> to my spamassassin rules.
> spam.medium gets checked at least once/week.   same procedure here.
> spam.high only gets checked when i have lots of spare time...just to
> make sure that my local SA rules aren't causing any false positives.  i
> don't even bother extracting URLs or phrases from here - they already
> score highly enough.

Another useful trick is to configure spamassassin to put the score in
the Subject field of spam mails[1], and then configure mutt to order mails
by subject in your spam mailbox. Then relatively low scoring mails sort
to the top of the mailbox where you're more likely to see them before
the D key is depressed. (Pity that mutt is not configurable to sort
directly on the X-Spam-Status header.)

see shy jo

[1] I use
    subject_tag [SPAM: _HITS_]

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